Marvel Image Match

Thanks for taking Marvel Image Match!  Think you can pick out which movies some of these MCU images belong to?  Let's see how well you do.

Where have we seen this skinny Steve Rogers before?

In what movie did we see Tony Stark this upset?

Well, if it isn't Star Prince. Now where was this from again?

Scott meets his new winged friend in which of these movies?

What movie is this image of Dr. Strange from?

Loki got lucky in which of these movies?

"Even Dead, I'm The Hero" - Tony Stark

Cap can't find a plane he likes.

Lady Sif looks on like this in which of these movies?

"It burns going down." - Howard the Duck

Hawkeye takes aim in which of these movies?

How to interrogate the enemy courtesy of The Black Widow.

T'Challa, king of Wakanda.